Quadrantids Meteor Shower, January 2012

Quadrantids, 2012

Quadrantids, 2012
(Credit: NASA/MEO/B. Cooke)

This poem is hard to write.

It must contain an audience–
a woman and a dog–
in the hushed theater
beneath the beech tree.

It must contain actors
just off-stage
waiting for their cues.
In this cycle drama,
there is no villain or victor,
only a dust trail in the ether
we pass through.

It must contain the eager actor
who leaps onto the stage
and delivers his one line
not with a booming voice
but a whisper and a grand gesture
through the scrim
and ignites the funereal gloom overhead
as the audience leans in
and gasps.

It must contain the last trace
of the brilliantly-delivered line
through words
as fleeting as frost.

1 comment
  1. Rocky said:

    l’uovo è buono sia alla coque che in cai3#ma&c82i0; è una ricetta che stuzzica molto a provare a mangiarlo proprio come i francesi (con le striscioline di pan carrè). ciao

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