‘Like Salt Sprinkled on Black Velvet’

NASA published this Image of the Day with the headline “Like Salt Sprinkled on Black Velvet.” The image is of a faint newly-discovered dwarf galaxy UGC 5497. Image credit: ESA/NASA

This galaxy
with rhinestones
and blue
high notes,
the full-throated
birth of stars–
fame clinging
to the plush

  1. – attracted by these musings on the stars, that inevitably contain so many classical references – inspired blogging

  2. Samuel said:

    Actually, what you are looking at in that photo REALLY IS salt on black velvet, with some photo retouching. Educate yourself. NASA was started (check out Alan Parsons project and Aleistair Crowley, master Satanist with direct links to NASA) by a practicing occultist, who served the Father of Lies. The Hubble photos are all fake, like the Hubble telescope supposedly orbiting Earth about 250 miles up, in the Thermosphere, where the temperature on average is 2500 Celcius — hotter than a blast furnace.

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