One of few pictures of Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Taken by Buzz Aldrin, July 20, 1969. Credit: NASA.

for Neil, with thanks

A step
before I was born
led to another

and another

until a path
wore through the book
on our shelf

and I sat on the floor
with black-and-white
family portraits

of the moon

as if reliving
a vacation
to the beach

this intimacy
into the night
when I trained
my binoculars
on a black sea
stripped of childhood

on a suspended
rock, falsely lit

and somewhere
in my focus:
a step.

  1. martin bradley said:

    Heart felt .I love it .and I’m sure Mr armstronge would have to

    • Thanks so much for your kind comment, Martin! Much appreciated. My small way of honoring my larger-than-life hero.

  2. Writer's Dream said:

    Thank you! You’ve put me back there really well.

  3. On the moon are the colors of black, and white and now red and blue.
    The martians are intrigued by red and blue. That is why we will be invaded because to them that is the colors of war.

  4. smilyking1976 said:

    nice said.thanx sir

  5. excellent…so crisp…so precise…yet an ode…congratulations and well done!

  6. A truly befitting tribute! The day coincided with the beginning of my stint at Delhi University in India.

  7. we never went to the moon stupid, its too far away, radiation in space would have killed the astronauts before reaching the moon, and who filmed Neil coming down the later of the lunar module??? Fake it to make it!

  8. Very nice. Congrats on the Freshly Pressed.

  9. Good afternoon, moon !
    I’ll see you soon when it comes my fortune !

  10. elizabethweaver said:

    Wonderful writing…and so appropriate in these consecutive months of super moons.

  11. Cool poem. There had to be something so extra-temporal about that first step on the moon, like he was stepping into eternity.

  12. Jessica&Love said:

    This is beautiful, incredibly well written… congratulations! Jess

  13. w6bky said:

    What a lovely poem; closely related to one of my favorite memories – – watching TV when Neil stepped upon the moon.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. A beautiful tribute. I wish we had something in this generation as powerful as that piece of history. Something that rekindles lost hope. Such a small, powerful step created pride, patriotism, and curiosity that swept through so many people, unifying them all, in one moment. I think we need that again. Thank you for the poem.

  15. makeascene2121 said:

    A beautiful tribute to a life-changing moment in history.

  16. Sig Nordal said:

    Love this poem

  17. Thank you for reflecting on how this world event was so very personal to so many. Your poem is lovely.

  18. Reblogged this on rainteach and commented:
    A small, lovely poem about an historic event.

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