Elysian Fields: Redacted Poem #1

Text from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Chapter CX: Elysian Fields. The underlying image is a close-up shot from Cassini; one of Saturn’s moons, Daphnis, appears just to the right of the words “I plough” ploughing through the rings and creating ripples. Cassini image credit: CICLOPS/Cassini/NASA.

    • tychogirl said:

      Thanks, Nick! Much appreciated.

  1. I’ve tried this before. It is so difficult to do well! And you do it great! Thanks for the beautiful lines.

  2. Steen said:

    Nice! Love how you visually expressed this poem; awesome…

  3. itchy said:

    These poems are just brilliant !!

  4. It’s been a long time since I first saw this, but even now it hits the same. Something in this one speaks to my core. Thank you for this poem.

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