1. rarasaur said:

    I love-love blackout poetry, and this was wonderfully, thoughtfully done.

  2. That’s fantastic how you did that, maybe I’m ignorant but I’ve not seen that before. Great piece.

  3. hrt123 said:

    This is a great poem.. I’m happy I got to read it!

  4. Marso said:

    What a great poetry challenge! Let’s all try that!

  5. Finding a poem within the government chaos is a paradox worth noting.

  6. Great irony! I doubt the skies consider the government shutdown a loss.

  7. Very cool! I’ve never come across this way of writing poetry before but I look forward to giving it a go myself – thanks for sharing, and congrats on the freshly pressed!

  8. Pollock of Light said:

    Lovely and nice design with the letters and the marker pen

  9. Meghan B said:

    Found poetry — so underrated. Love it.

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