1. Please check out this work by my Dear Brother Michael Dailey Brother Dailey is an incredible thinker, he is very talented with an extraordinary vision
    I am blessed to be a part of this project — “Truth Matters A Love Revolution”
    — Cornel West

    Mike Dailey is one of the most positive and authentic brothers I’ve ever met, A talented producer, sharp thinker and gifted facilitator. he is skilled at bringing together desperate forces for a common goal. Now that he has moved into literary endeavors, I’m confident that his considerable abilities will continue to shine! Pick up this wonderful book an get a sense of his tremendous vision!

    –Michael Dyson


  2. constellations
    etched lines
    revealing bestiales

  3. wavigren said:

    placid consternation –
    we too
    witness rocket

    tumbling to greet stars
    in the fall

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