1. haha…..she sure is.

    You certainly have a knack when it comes to naming your work and adding a poem. To me, the combination of title and artwork generate glamorous images of Coco Chanel’s ubiquitous essential little black dress, bright red lipstick, stilettos and pearls, even though there’s a predominance, and not just a splash, of red.

    • Love it! To be totally honest, I can’t take credit for the title (except the choice to use “Glamorous Glennis” over “Bell X-1,” the plane’s official name). “Glamorous Glennis” is the name Chuck Yeager gave to the X-1, a sweet tribute to his wife Glennis. Have a lovely day!

  2. Credit where credits due as you were the catalyst. I didn’t perceive it that way prior to your posting. It was the way you painted it, with a few imperfections, not perfect and shiny. Sort of made it real and bought it to life. Does that make sense? For example, if it were animated, I can imagine a plane, strutting its stuff, with a sexy voice over by Mae West.

    Maybe that’s taking it to the extreme, but all of that has come to me from your painting, your post, and not from seeing the real thing.

    Thanks for the stimulation

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