Climbing Olympus Mons


Every route
is a first ascent.
Someday the Fred Beckeys,
the Willi Unsoelds,
the Reinhold Messners
will lug up their gear,
clip in,
and climb.
A West Ridge will be cracked.
The South Ridge will prove easier.
An insurmountable problem
heralded as the Hillary Step
of another world
will eventually be conquered
with a ladder
hauled up by the next team.
Fixed lines and anchors
will be set,
and the Lilliputians
will have roped in
another sleeping giant.

1 comment
  1. Erik said:

    Hi Christine,

    I just wanted to stop today to say, though I don’t often comment, I view, read and enjoy your work. It is unique and captivating in its own right, and it also serves to keep my horizons broadened and my creativity limber.


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