the cat is scratching at the door,
another paper is getting graded,
a kettle is complaining,
the buzzer for the laundry goes,
the TV program shifts to a commercial,
sodium lights glow in every room.

the inside world forgets me,
and I forget the inside world.
A cat looks out,
vaguely wondering where I am.
All I remember is stars.

  1. vanishing-thoughtss said:

    Wow! Love this 🙂

  2. Anonymous said:

    He mimics a human baby
    When he is needy
    Who does he remember
    From his past life
    He is aware of what we are going thru
    But he relies on me
    To choose the stars
    And dream with eyes closed
    Oh’ ancestral eyes insightful
    We smile together

  3. That’s well constructed. Full of juxtaposing images …. really like it.

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