IMG_4227 (Edited)

Leo Villareal, “Multiverse” (2008) at National Gallery of Art

I’ve been here so many times
I’m sure I’ve passed between
the worlds:
Charon punting me away
while the lights
slowly dimmed.


Oh, to remember
the passage!
Lethe, Lethe,
will you let me see
this time if I promise
not to tell?

#NaPoWriMo, Day 8.


  1. the pretty poems said:

    all the possibilities…this poem made me sad for some reason. i couldn’t help but think about a universe parallel to this one where i was someone else.

    • Pretty Poems,
      I don’t think this poem is sad but it does feel like it has emotional undertones that lean towards discomfort or something close to sad. It is almost like a moment one can’t quite grasp.

      I think alternative spirits or twin spirits is a good thing. Even someone or something that you were in a past life.
      Thank you for your comment. I liked thinking about the above poem in a different way than my first reaction.

      • the pretty poems said:

        Both our names are Sam! 😊

      • It is a good name! As Well as is Samantha.

  2. I really like this and the photograph from the National Gallery of Art is great.

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