I’m a recovering poet; I stopped writing after a creative writing masters program many years ago, and I’m slowly getting back into the saddle.  I loved writing poetry, but with the grad school burnout and competing priorities I wouldn’t invest the time to write because I couldn’t find anything important enough to write about.

A few years ago, I visited the University of Maryland observatory for a public lecture and viewing night on a whim and saw Saturn through a telescope.  I was completely blown away by the fact that I was seeing an edge-on Saturn exactly as Galileo did 400 years ago.  Over time and numerous return visits to the observatory, my childhood love of astronomy was rekindled.  I’ve found that the universe is ripe subject matter for poetry.  We all live in it and experience it.  We’ve all had moments of the sublime looking up at the full moon or watching a rocket launch or seeing footage of Saturn from Cassini.

The primary focus of this blog is astropoetry, but I will include other items of interest for poets and amateur astronomers.  Thanks so much for reading, and I welcome your comments.

    • Hi! I just up and started a new blog. But I found yours and I whole heartedly agree with your love of astro poetry. It sounds amazing~ I love writing poetry. Anyways, I’ll keep reading 🙂

  1. These poems are wonderfully creative, and moving! The Harvard Observatory would be happy to give you a tour and a peek at Tycho through our 1912 refractor if you’re ever in the Boston vicinity..

    • Wow, such a lovely comment and offer! Of course I’d love such a tour and view of my favorite crater. Now to find an excuse to head to Boston. Cheers!

      • Sounds like a plan. planet4589 at gmail if/when that needs to be arranged. In terms of astropoetry, are you familiar with Becky Elson’s work?

      • Actually I don’t know Elson’s work. Very grateful for the introduction! Have you seen the poetry collection called “Dark Matter” collected and edited by Dr. Bell? (She is a huge astronomy poetry fan, and she commissioned some original pieces for the collection.)

  2. Thanks for the tip – didn’t know of Jocelyn Bell’s poetry interests. Just Amazonned it 🙂

    • Hi, Richard! Thanks for considering me for a blog award. Really appreciate the mention.

  3. Angelo said:

    I have to say I loved your ideas and poetry. I had never seen erasure poetry and you introduced me to it…and I loved it. Thanks!

  4. I just came across your blog thanks to the mention on the Daily Post. You’re creating a remarkable body of work. Can’t wait to explore your blog in more depth. Peace and blessings, Michele

  5. CL said:

    Your poetry and its format are wonderful. What a fantastic idea–to combine your poems with related images. 🙂

  6. My father always said you were talented. I can’t wait to show him these!

  7. Great poetry! I like your sunglasses, too : ) And you might want to check out Gravity, the movie. Think you’d enjoy it.

  8. Marso said:

    I love reading your story—how you found your focus. How the “loss” gave you that.
    How good to be reminded of this by your story and by your poetry that shows what’s left when words are “lost”.

    • Marso said:

      After I read with appreciation your “about” page, I read this comment, amazed how it resonated with my own feelings. Only then did I notice it was my own comment left one and half years ago! ! !

      A question (perhaps you answer this on one of your posts): when did you begin doing visual art? Did this come in response to your poetry?

  9. Interesting, my father RIP.. was a scientist and physicist, and a lay astronomer. I remember in Ireland seeing all of the people (even then men and women), coming to our house for the Astronomy Club. Myself, I went after English Lit., poetry, etc. And then of course became an Anglican priest (semi-retired now). Though like many Irish I was raised Irish Roman Catholic; but I escaped! 😉 Nice stuff, keep at it, and always have fun!

  10. F.G.M. said:

    AMAZING blog and poetry/ You know, I do love poetry & astronomy… comme on dit en français, “l’un ne vas pas sans l’autre” – something like they work together… I’m amazed and would like to THANK your for your wonderful work. Maybe you’ll be interested to read my “Constellations Haikus” (http://wordsinthelight.weebly.com/1/category/constellations-haikus80f631b49b/1.html) and visit my WordPress Blog…
    Stars know so many poetical secrets we’ve to discover. Merci encore. Kind regards from France

  11. Perse said:

    Thanks for this blog! I’m following you now. I’m an amateur astronomer as well as amateur novelist, and I’ve written a lot of poetry myself…blog on, I eagerly await more! 🙂

    • Perse said:

      I just read a bunch of your posts! Wow!!! So glad I’m following! You have definite talent!

  12. thdem said:

    This is right up my alley. Beautiful blog concept, I love the poetry and the combination of pictures of the Universe.

  13. Your blog is thought-provoking and unusual. Would you consider submitting some haiku or senryu to my new micro-journal? Please think about it. Some of your poetry is haiku or senryu. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but you have really hit the mark. Submission guidelines are here: http://speedbumpjournal.wordpress.com

  14. Anonymous said:

    thanks! really like it !

  15. I really like the combination of words and images. I wonder if you are familiar with the poetry of Samiya Bashir. I attended a reading of hers recently and really liked it. She refers to physics a lot in her work. You might enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the alert! Found her “Consequences of the Laws of Thermodynamics” poem through Poetry Foundation. Really appreciate the introduction to her work. And thanks for your kind words . . .

  16. May I share my astro poem?

    Door – Open? Or Closed?

    To the night sky and
    Wind-worried rain
    To the volume of moon
    Seasons and Seas of the same

    Door open or closed
    The gap between stars
    Is measured in years
    When was the last time
    An urban child
    Saw Sirius?

  17. Tokoni O. Uti said:

    Hi. Does your blog accept guest posts?

  18. arun said:

    astro-poetry! that is such a cool topic you have picked. I’m hoping to read a lot more of your poems.

  19. ggatto said:

    This is so fantastic. I also love poetry and astronomy! It is spectacular finding someone who can apply these interests into something so amazing!

  20. I discovered your blog and I found that missing part in my imagination as well as my view of our planet getting pieced together again.

    • Really? THX so much. Yes I relate strongly on those topics. Wow I just started that blog on a whim. It won’t go anywhere so I’m not even gonna continue it :/.

      Sent from my iPhone


  21. Anonymous said:

    Stumbled upon, and will stay for the Great Beyond.

    Love the site! 🙂

  22. What a unique concept for a blog… I also find the simple act of being able to observe things that are so vast, so cosmologically profound, really inspiring. To know that you’re looking upon the practically infinite- It’s an awesome subject for a muse!

  23. gregorymccabe said:

    Tycho I love to see your blog because its so cool but also because of your background as a poet. I read a comment
    that mentioned erasure poetry and can imagine that I would understand if I knew a bit more. I like the moon mostly because its all I can see where I live due to light pollution. I also think a lot about earth especially its support of life
    and the fragile atmosphere in which that lives. You look up and think about it. I am grounded by past concussion- eyes to the ground-ears to an outer space and yet aware. But I can relate as I dream of the cure for our noble gasses that they stay clear enough for us to view beyond. Keep up the good work, Thanks

  24. The little subtitles to the pictures are the cherry on the cake. Amamzing!! so nice to have landed here!
    I too have something in return for you. 😀
    I nominate you for the #mermaideffect challenge!
    Find the answer to the question given at the end of this article in the link and Further nominate five of your SMART FRIENDS ONLY to keep the chain going!!
    best of luck 😛

  25. Charles Goddard said:

    Glad you are recovering. Words paint pictures. Yours are beautiful. Thanks!

  26. Paul Draper said:

    This blog is awesome. Great poetry and great art in harmony. Very meditative. We love it. — Paul & Linda

    • Thanks, Paul and Linda!! So kind of you. Love to you both.

  27. divadiane1 said:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your poetry very much! Thank you for writing this blog!

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