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Background image is last picture taken by LADEE.  (Image credit: NASA.)  Cut text for poem borrowed from Robert Burton's "Melancholy" (1801).

Background image is final picture taken as part of the NASA LADEE mission. (Image credit: NASA.) On April 17, 2014, NASA confirmed that LADEE had impacted the lunar surface, as planned.  Cut text for poem borrowed from Robert Burton’s “Melancholy” (1801).

spider webSmart spider
built a web
that is really
a black hole
outside my window
so that every time
I do the dishes
I get pulled out
through the screen
to remote places

I, sister of the flies

out of view.

Jack Schmitt's Apollo 17 EVA gloves. Image credit: NASA, National Air and Space Museum's Garber Facility, and Ulrich Lotzmann.

Jack Schmitt’s Apollo 17 EVA gloves from last mission to the Moon. Image credit: NASA, National Air and Space Museum’s Garber Facility, and Ulrich Lotzmann.

Grand speeches are for arrivals.
Leaving we don’t say much.
Why would we?

We’re coming back
after going home
for a little while
to re-supply

and to feed maps and pictures
of the Moon to the children

until the Moon-fed children learn
they can’t even go there

and they rebel

which creates enough fuel
for the return.

orrery001A frenzied kid
skirts the Sun
and giggles

while somewhere in the middle
giants drag along their cliques.

On the outskirts
Pluto and friends
grow bored

each minute just a foot shuffle
to the right.

Once in a blue
a planet tattles
on one of its moons
to the Sun.

Many near misses
in this tiny room

where Jupiter and Saturn
elbow each other

and the asteroids
wink at Mars

not so far away
after all.


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